India's First Security Subscription Service That Keeps You Safe, Always.

Designed For Homes Apartments Businesses

India's first security subscription service that keeps you safe, always.

Designed For Homes Apartments Businesses



Automated security

An intelligent system designed to keep you safe so that you can stay safe and assured!

State-of-art security cameras

Our real-time, AI powered cameras are
always ON and detect for anything out
of the ordinary. No manual monitoring,
No clunky hardware

Dependable Protection around

56 powered guards regularly patrol, check
and respond. Available 24x7 in a click of
a button. Our FlexiGuard platform
enables you get tech enabled guards for
all your security requirements

Security on the go

Smart app lets you monitor your
security system with ease, no matter
where you are. Get live automated
updates and status of security. Stay
rest assured about your safety!

Professional security in flexible and affordable plans

Subscribe to 56, we will handle the rest

56 platform's extensible functionality secures people, property, assets and communities


56 is automated, connected & full stack security

Traditional Security

Live Video monitoring

Basic motion detection

Unmonitored / poorly monitored

Irregularly serviced

Sporadically trained

Not monitored on duty

Untracked efficiency

Expensive and highly manual system

Intelligent monitoring of people, vehicle, pets

AI detection and real time alerts to security
(patent pending)

24x7 automated working

Monitored for performance and serviced immediately

Tech enabled guards deployed and tracked.
Contextually instructed about tasks from time to time

Central automated command center software
for optimised security and monitoring

Uncompromised privacy

Secure, encrypted and privacy sensitive protocols that keep user’s data strongly protected


End to End encrypted

Best in class data protection

Video Feed

On premise and secure cloud storage

256 Bit encrypted video feed

Patrol Guards

Background verified & Vetted

Tech monitored and tracked


100% user controlled permissions

Voices who vouch for 56

Get secured by 56, today!