Stay Secured and Protected 24x7

With Real-Time AI-Powered Monitoring and Automatic Intervention

by Patrolling Guards



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Real-time Risk Detection,
Proactive Enforcement

Stay Safe, Get Secured by 56!

56 Secures your place unlike nobody else! Cutting-edge AI platform runs-round-the clock to detect unverified visitors, intruders, vehicle movement and other threats. When there’s something fishy, 56’s patrolling guards check upon your place, on time, every time.


How Automated Security Subscription works:

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No upfront investment on hardware, no monthly payouts to guards, no worries when things don’t work. 56 secures your place and ensures you are protected round-the-clock 

Get Access to 56 Secure Cameras & Platform

Cutting-edge computer vision algorithms continuously learns every context to ensure you get only relevant alerts. Our privacy sensitive platform ensures your data is fully secured, encrypted, never misused and never shared with any 3rd party entities without your consent

Stay Protected by Professionally Trained Guards & Quick Response Teams!

56’s round-the-clock roaming guards are patrolling your street 24×7. They can be accessed on call any time. When a security threat is detected, 56’s guards automatically drop in to check immediately. We also send in a quick response team if there is a serious incident

Face Recognition

Authenticates residents and reports visitors, staff entry & exit to you!

Vehicle Recognition

Recognizes vehicle license plate and other vehicle attributes 

Intruder Recognition

Detects & reports motion , intruders in untimely hours 

Unsafe Activity Screening

Alerts Unsafe Activities like Person Falling, Pets & child running out of boundary, Area Heat maps & Screening 

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AI Surveillance
Camera Uptime
Patrolling Guards
Subscription Plans

How Secure Is The Service?

How is 56 Different than traditional security & CCTV?

56 Secure is real time surveillance and automatic intervention if any threat is detected. At any given point in time, 56 keeps a constant vigil of your place and surroundings. Our guards are trained to respond to security issues. There is no fixed salary or huge upfront investment for CCTV and other hardware!

User Privacy

At 56 we take your privacy as serious as our mission to keep you safe and secure. Our commitment to securing your privacy goes above and beyond compliance with privacy laws. A user has 100% control on accessing and purging their data, and there will never be any sharing of data with 3rd parties without explicit consent from you.

How Secure is the Data?

56 Secure data is encrypted and stored in a highly secure platform. Our hardware & software platform is subjected to continuous security testing to make it hack proof. We do not share data with any third party services without robust security checks and clear user consent

We have The Police , Why 56?

Police is and will be the first respondents to enforce Law and Order. Securing your place however is a 24×7 activity. But it is impossible for the police to be everywhere all the time. 56’s AI is automating continuous security and we work closely with the local police to provide cutting-edge safety to your place and surrounding community

Subscription Includes:


IP Bullet & Dome Cam : 2-5 Megapixel with IR for Night Video Capture

Wired & Wireless Connectivity Option

Indoor & Outdoor

Device Security
Authentication Enabled, Authorised Access Only

56 App

Video Feed
View Live Feeds from Multiple Cameras, Get Beat Status & Daily Visitor Count

Approve and Reject Entry of Visiors. Rejecting a Visitor Entry Promts a Check by the Patrol Guard

Stay Protected even outside your premises, Know where the guard is, always just a call away at your service!

Security Issues, Health Emergencies, Assistance for Urgent Tasks, Our Patrolling Guards are a call away


56 Guards are professionally trained with minimum 1000hrs+ guarding experience in a professional set up

56 Guards undergo regular training on a periodic basis to stay vigilant and to understand the places they are deployed at

The performance of 56 Guards is continuously tracked & monitored to ensure impeccable protection and service levels

Quick Response Team

Patrolling Guards on vehicles attend to you and secure you at your premises and outside!

Any security related or personal emergecy at any location, 56 QRT is always a call away at your disposal

How Does 56 Compare to Other Options?

Regular Security Guard & CCTV

2000/ MO + GST
  • 24x7 Guarding
  • Video Recording
  • Automatic Event Detection
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Proactive Patrolling
  • Beat Report to Police
  • Dedicated Security App
  • Service Improvements & New Features
Base Price for Shared Resource, Multiple Vendors involved

56 Secure

499/ MO + GST
  • 24x7 Pro Guards with QRT
  • 24x7 Intelligent Video Logs
  • AI Powered Event Detection
  • Real Time Alerts & Intervention
  • Proactive Patrolling
  • Beat Report to Police
  • Dedicated Security App
  • Service Improvements & New Features
Base Subscription Price, Zero Upfront Charges!

Expensive Security System

2500+/ MO + GST
  • Smart Cam
  • Intrusion Alert System
  • Full Stack CCTV Setup
  • Video Analysis Software
  • Zero Upfront cost
  • Beat Report to Police
  • Proactive Intervention / Patrolling
  • Real Time Alerts & Context Analysis
Base Cost of Hardware, Upfront Payment, No Services

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