Privacy First, Everything Next

What Privacy First Means

It's more than just agreeing to a privacy policy

  • Privacy Deed: We execute a deed with every customer to trust us with their data and ensure we store, process and use the data is a extremely secure and privacy sensitive process. This Deed allows every subscriber and user of our service to have complete control of your data and request for data audit at a time of your choosing
  • End-to-End Encryption: A subscriber's data is captured and stored in a highly secure platform with zero scope for authorised access or data misuse or sale of data to third parties. There is no manual CCTV monitoring, everything is analysed and processed by 56 secure's deep learning algorithms
  • User Control: We strongly prioritise and enable the need to users to have complete control on their data. Should a user choose to purge their data, it is a click away to request 100% data deletion. 100% user control on data is our commitment to every subscriber
  • Individual Rights: In a residential setting or a private space, 56 Ensures every user of the app has total control of the app and privacy in entirety. This means No Admins, No Big Brother Monitoring!


Every business decision, every product, every offering is made to ensure we offer the most trustworthy service for users. Reliable and Safe


We go above and beyond to ensure that the privacy and data of our users is protected and secure





We continuously improve our platform to ensure we implement the best security protocols and standards to make our devices and all the data is secured.