Context Engine

People, Action, Location, Intent, Behaviour

Our Context Engine is the AI platform that powers 56 secure . Our proprietary AI engine retrieves and responds to activities and contexts in real-time using different sensory inputs incl. camera , microphone and location data. We continuously improve and enhance our Context Engine to build a highly intelligent, context aware capability that helps power 56 secure and keep users and communities safe and secure 

Areas of Research

Handshaking between Multiple Cameras

Using color histogram and backtracking to monitor the activity of the person in a complex.

Identifying Activities

To help understand different categories of activity such as walking, running , sitting , standing etc.

Anomaly detection

To detect anomaly in an area which helps to identify security threat to the user. 

Smart Area Analytics

Monitoring and logging different analytics which not only adds value to understand location characteristics and people behavior at a broad level.

Face Authentication

To authenticate access to the location or residential compound. 

Body Segmentation

Probabilistic model to raise alarm based on body language.

Location level attributes

Count of vehicles and type of vehicles visiting a complex. Analysis to understand footprints and sentiments of the users in a commercial setting.